SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is “DIY” or “DO IT YOURSELF” product!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is Quick and Easy to apply!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is natural, odorless material!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper makes NO JOINTS!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is very elastic material!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is “READY TO USE”! Just add water!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper hides uneven, old and faded walls.

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper allows partially repair!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is perfect for new building, NO CRACKS!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is long lasting and durable material!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is antistatic, so NO DUST & DIRT!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is additional insulation of heat, moisture and sound!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is permeable (allows walls to breathe)!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is available in a large variety of natural and vibrant colors, shades and different textures!

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is excellent quality, stainless finishing material and unique price!

Five reasons to buy SILK PLASTER:

1. Ideal walls without seams, cracks and bubbles

SILK PLASTER is applied on any walls and forms a uniform covering without seams. At the same time liquid wall-paper doesn't bubble and doesn't depart from a wall at change of temperature and humidity. Liquid wall-paper doesn't burst at shrinkage of the house. 



2. Quick repair of small damages

Wall-paper has been damaged during shift of a case? The cat has scratched wall-paper? Not terribly. Just scatter water on this site and level. That’s all! Liquid wall-paper is like new.




3. Unlimited flight of fantasy

In contrast to simple wall-paper and other finishing materials decorative SILK PLASTER is easily applied on any uneven surface. Moreover ordinary walls turn into unique interior. Just choose the desired colors and texture in our catalog.




4. Health of your family

SILK PLASTER is odorless completely natural product. It is hypoallergenic. During burning this decorative plaster doesn't emit noxious to health substances. In case of flood liquid wall-paper is easily repaired. Usually they just dry, and there is no any trace left from leakages.



5. Walls always like new

Silk liquid wall-paper SILK PLASTER is made on unique technology. SILK PLASTER is light-resistant and frost-resistant. Therefore neither the African heat of the Sahara nor severe Siberian frosts are terrible to SILK PLASTER. Decorative SILK PLASTER doesn't change color and structure during covering and transporting.

Light resistance of SILK PLASTER was estimated for a long time in the Middle East where this decorative plaster is used for huge country houses and ordinary apartments. And Russian wall-paper looks like new even in 5 years of the scorching sun of Dubai.



Comparative analysis of wallpapers

Characteristic properties of material SILK PLASTER Ordinary wall-papers Venetian plaster


Naturalness and environmental friendliness

Doesn't burst        
Fragmentary repair        
Seamless surface        
Possibility of do-it-yourself        
Additional noise isolation and thermal insulation        
Drawing on relief surfaces of an arch, a column etc.        
Masking of cracks and roughnesses        


Decorative SILK PLASTER is a unique modern alternative to traditional paints, paper or vinyl wall-paper and the Venetian plaster. In addition to attractive silk texture and the enormous choice of colures liquid wall-paper SILK PLASTER has a set of indisputable advantages before any other decorative materials for wall and ceiling finishing.

Comfortable house

House becomes warmer, more silent and cozier with liquid wall-paper SILK PLASTER.